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I bought this lilac last year, the label said "White"! It has very small leaves and is is pretty pink/mauve colour. I would love an ID if anyone could help.




I think it might by Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'

5 May, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, I bought it from Lidl and their labelling is very sketchy :-) I've never seen a small leaved lilac before, I expect it will be a pretty small shrub, not the usual lilac tree.

6 May, 2011


If it is that one, it only gets to 4 or 5 feet and is slow growing - flowers are described as pink or pinky lilac, though in your photo, they look distinctly lilac to me.

6 May, 2011


Since you told me what it could be, I have looked at other photos and I'm sure you're right. The colour looks a bit different in the sunlight I expect.

6 May, 2011


It's lovely whatever it is...

6 May, 2011

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