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i.d. please


By Resi

France Fr

i.d. please.
I planted this one cple years ago but it disappeared, too hot and scorching, it has now reappeared, conditions are a bit easier for the little lass, but which geranium/cranesbill was it....??




Possibly an Erodium ?
I say that because of those leaves - if they're as miniature as they look i have a couple in my rockery.

4 May, 2011


Could be geranium sanguinia?

4 May, 2011


Thanks you both so much Louise and Steragram.
i actually got the vinegar out and cleaned my glasses for this one but it is defenitely a Geranium Sanguinia or bloody cransesbill, as the Erodium flower looks v similar but its leaves are much rounder. i am chuffed i have got another wild flower in my garden

6 May, 2011

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