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Iichen on apple tree


By Johnbgd

comments on best way to rid this menace.copper Sulphate has been suggested.Can anyone recommend a product.Tar oil has also been suggested but I think this is now banned .Am I right.I am told that is an increasing problem as our air improves .Apparently pollution cured the prblem.

On plant Malus domestica (Apple)



Lichen will not do your tree any harm at all. As you said it is a result of the cleaner air (less sulphur) that we are getting now.
There are a few diseases that can mimic lichen on tree bark but will also be found on the leaves,buds and fruit. These are the ones to worry about as they will reduce your fruit yield and damage the tree

27 Feb, 2008


If you really must get rid of it (Sometimes things like woolly aphids can overwinter in it) then the simplest way is to wash it off. On a large tree use a power spray, set so that the strength does not damage the bark of the tree.
There are organic alternatives to Winter Tar oil wash by the way.

27 Feb, 2008


But lichen is beautiful! And i suspect it helps insulate the tree from the extremes of the weather as well as sheltering beneficial insects.

29 Feb, 2008


When I visited Kellie Castle recently, I saw that the apple trees were almost completely covered with silvery-grey lichen, and looked great (my pics didn't come out great, sadly). I would think, therefore, that if the National Trust doesn't remove this from the trees in this organically-managed garden, it can't be damaging.

1 Mar, 2008

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