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Cotinus Grace

Hi All, I bought and planted this in late March. I would have anticipated a wee bit more signs of growth by now. Can anyone tell me if this is ok, or if she is 'sick'?
She gets around 5 hours sun plus any that manages to come through the fence for a couple of hours prior to this. The soil isn't to bad and I have been watering it regularly since planting.

Any advice gratefully received. I would hate to loose her.


Cotinus_grace_1 Cotinus_grace_2 Cotinus_grace_3



In the bottom picture, I note there is what appears to be an orange coloured stem with nodules on it, but I can't see it clearly - if that is on the plant, it might be coral spot - google for info on that, and if it is, it should be removed asap, and any other areas which are affected, BUT, as this usually only occurs on dead or dying wood/plants, I'm not sure the plant you bought was particularly healthy when you paid for it - I'd be taking it back to where I got it from, specially if that is coral spot.

16 May, 2011


Hi Bamboo

I have take a couple of more pictures closer up than earlier. I don't know how to add them to this question so will start a new question....sorry to inconvenience you.
If possible would you read that question and give me your opinion.

16 May, 2011


Hi Scottish, I'm working my way through the day's questions and have seen the photos you added later, now I've come to the original question.

I planted a Cotinus two years ago and it had made no growth and just about clung to life, until this year, when it has decided to grow a little and is starting to look a bit happier.

I can't get up to my garden where it is growing as I've had a little accident which is restricting mobility, but I've had a careful look at the photo I took a couple of weeks ago and the bark on the stems low down is a bit stippled. I'll try to add it for you to compare.

OK -here it is -

Noseypotter made a good point when asking about shrubs that naturally have spotty bark - Forsythia is one of them, could Cotinus be another?

16 May, 2011


My cotinus, Scottish, is quite a 'late starter' in my garden (I'm in Aberdeen).... every spring i think it's dead then it'll suddenly burst into life.
I'd cut out that branch with the spots though - looks like coral spot - it'll kill the bush from tip down to root if you leave it.

17 May, 2011


Thanks for the comments x

17 May, 2011

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