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My Montana really needs tidying up ,it is huge,with a lot of woody growth .( A picture this year again)I have never pruned it due to being a bit perplexed about the three different times of pruning the various varieties.Without explaining about them all,will someone kindly tell me what I should do about just the montana ?It is getting too heavy and large for the old wooden arch which is supporting it.



You can prune it when it's stopped flowering. Cut it back to whatever size you want it.

I did write a blog about Clematis pruning - you might find it helpful if you're a bit unsure.

16 May, 2011


I had a lovely time searching for your "How to prune Clematis" blog, Spritz, but it did take ages to find - you've got pages and pages of interesting stuff.

For anyone in a hurry, it's here -

but if you've got time there are lots of fascinating blogs to read.

17 May, 2011


Glad you had fun, Beattie! :-)) Drc said she was putting it in a prominent position, but to be honest, I don't know where that was!

17 May, 2011


I didn't think of looking it up under "clematis" or "pruning" - I searched through your blogs, Spritz. :-)

17 May, 2011


Serves you right then! LOL. Seriously, I'm pleased you did, Beattie. :-))

17 May, 2011

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