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Hello gardeners, i recently bought two Athyrium ferns, Ursula Red and Burgundy Lace but as they have started to grow they are green with no sign of the colour they were advertised as. I have had no reply from the company who supplied them and cannot find any information if or when they might change colour. Is this normal. Please help regards



I bought an Irsula Red (is that the purple one) last year online, it was green, this year it looks slightly purplyish :) so i would say, yeah its normal.. a bit frustrating, isnt it earthworm..

18 May, 2011


i got 3 ursula reds from van muen and they are decidedly green. I rang them and they said it was the juvenile foliage and would red up with age. snag is fern juvenille stage is nothing like the adult stage. Feel equally miffed as they were not cheap.

but they are quite healthy so i will have to wait and see.

19 May, 2011


I paid £6.99 for mine Seaburngirl, it was in a 9cm pot when it came!!! I feel the same as you, Miffed :) Its healthy at least..

19 May, 2011


I have found this information on another website I use, if this is any help:

'Ursula's Red' is a deciduous, rhizomatous fern with pinnate, lance-shaped fronds that are green for the first year and, from the second year on, are bi-coloured with shades of purple, black, white and pink.

'Burgundy Lace' _ 'Burgundy Lace' is a rhizomatous, deciduous fern with finely-divided, pinnate, lance-shaped fronds in shades of burgundy, purple, pink and silver.

19 May, 2011

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