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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Last year i planted an Angelica plant given to me by a friend. This year it has grown really tall and has a globe like flower. Problem is i dont know what i should do with it at this stage or how and what to use it for. All advice appreciated.



Collect the seeds, start new ones, and save some seed to start next year. Angelica plants grow for two or three years, then go to seed and die.

21 May, 2011


Check out on google candied angelica recipes.

21 May, 2011


Many years ago my OH actually candied some angelica that we had grown in the garden and it turned out very successful - very good for putting on iced cakes as stems and leaves with some cherries etc as flowers. We thought that it tasted quite nice too. Sorry but I have lost the recipe that we ued for candying but as 2ndhand says if you google for recipes you should get some. They are quite showy plants in a border too.

21 May, 2011


Thank you Tugbrethil, 2ndhand and Mariek. I will have a loog on google as candied angelica sounds good. I agree Mariek, it does look showy in the border.

21 May, 2011

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