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queen vic lobielia and campanula alba

durham, United Kingdom

ive got two planters in my garden,both with a queen vic and a campanula alba in.Will they be ok over winter and come again next summer or do they have to be put in a cold frame?



I reckon to overwinter the lobelia under glass to protect it from the worst of the weather - more likely to see it again next year then

2 Nov, 2008


thanks andrew,they are about a meter high,do i simply cut the stems down to the foliage?

6 Nov, 2008


I leave mine until they go out again in the spring but I don't think it makes much difference

6 Nov, 2008


would my geraniums be ok in a cold frame over winter?,also ive put spring flowering bulbs in containers and placed them against the house wall under a table,do i need to water them at all?

9 Nov, 2008

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