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I have replaced two dead Leylandii hedging conifers aged approx 20 years old with two 3/4 year old potted replicas. However after 2 months these replacements are starting to look a bit yellow from their bases. It wasn't practical for me to replace the soil around the trees but I did clear out a lot of builders rubble. Are the replacements short of a feed perhaps or is there likely to be something more fundamental? For information the two dead trees were in a line of a dozen others which remain seemingly healthy. Any ideas?



You don't mean you've kept the new plants in the pots do you ?
If you 'do' they are probably too dry - and have you checked that they don't need repotting ?
They're going to need massive pots if you're thinking of keep them potted.

If they're in the ground and they've been planted in that builders rubble they'll die because there isn't the soil, nutrient or moisture there to nurture them.
These trees are thirsty and need good soil and lots of water.

29 May, 2011


Maybe they are competing for water?

29 May, 2011


Probably true, Drc. Also, dead wood underground, including the roots of the old trees, within 1/2 meter of the new plants can often cause them to suffer.

30 May, 2011


Thanks for the responses so far. The new trees were planted directly into the ground [not in their pots!] after removal of as much rubble and old roots as possible. They have been watered regularly but not fed. What feed does anyone recommend?

30 May, 2011


I have one of these growing in a pot, had it 8yrs now.. I use a slow release feed for mine once every 6 months and water it every day in the summer and mine is flourishing. I have recently had to re-pot into a massive pot, it was very happy I think as it was a bit crammed in it's last pot lol.. I have cut mine so it looks more like a tree so not any branches on the bottom foot and it's about 5ft tall, I love it, I am very happy I kept it after many people told me not to, they are beautiful trees. :)

5 Aug, 2011


PS, mine has only every gone brown lower down and on the tips when I have neglected to water it in the past, that's how I ended up with the lovely shape I have now as I had to prune of lots of brown in the early yrs so I would try extra water, mine easily takes 4 litres of water a day in high summer and at least 2litres a few times a week in the winter, I am pleased to say my conifer is well cared for now and no longer neglected lol, I added lots of sharp sand and stones to the bottom of the pot when I re-potted recently to help retain water and my conifer has thanked me for it.

5 Aug, 2011


Never ever going to be easy to establish replacement trees (conifers) within an existing hedge at the best of times, lack of nutrients, water, etc. Replacing a lot of the soil in that area would be beneficial if possible, plus a lot of ongoing TLC and hope for the best

5 Aug, 2011


Thanks for the follow up. The conifers seem to have come through their early problems and following much watering are now settled. Some of the lower branches are a bit brown but there is plenty of healthy new growth.

5 Aug, 2011


Good news there then. :)

6 Aug, 2011

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