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Wind Damage to Acers etc


By Helenr

Ayrshire, Scotland Sco

I live in Scotland and we have had horrendous weather over the last 3 weeks with 88mph winds at the worst, plus rain every day. I have just checked my back garden again and whereas I knew that some deciduous shrubs / trees leaves were showing considerable damage, they seem to now have really suffered with curled / shredded leaves with the wind burn. Does anyone know if I trimmed them if they would grow new leaves, or is that it for this year - I don't want to 'cut them back'? I am talking about acers in particular. Thanks



Just wait and see. Any leaves that have died will drop. It's early enough for the trees and shrubs to produce more leaves, though they may be a bit smaller than the original ones.
We had gales last July and lots of leaves were burnt up by the wind, but all the trees grew more. I can see wind damage today, but they'll recover.

31 May, 2011


One of our acers has wind burnt leaves Helen, it is inevitable after the weather we have had. If they are really brown and shrivelled up I would remove if it is just the edge of the leave I would let them stay on the tree. It is a matter of aesthetics really.

31 May, 2011


Thank you for your replies - I will wait and see I think, especially as we are due to get more wind tomorrow!

31 May, 2011


Acers frequently grow a second set of leaves, fequently smaller than the first set, if the present crop is damaged. Other shrubs vary in their responses.

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil - here's hoping this happens with my 3!

2 Jun, 2011

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