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Dear Sir
Please can you give me some advice I have 30 llelandi conifer trees around our garden and about 15 have gone brown a patch started last year but now spreading have they died completely or will they come back again. Our hedge is very manicured,and the are about 6ft tall and approx 15-17 years old. Please help. Thankyou



i dont know if its true but i was told if you cut them on sunny days they bleed more & it kills them ,may not be true but it happened to mine i was saddened i had to replace the whole hedge ,very unhappy

31 May, 2011


All my llelandi died they all turned brown, showed them to a gardening expert at the local garden centre and he said they have drowned, so did a bit of investigating and heard a water leak so called the water board and they found 5 water leaks in some terrace houses back yards near to where I live, so my house being a bit lower down the water ran in to my front garden and that is why they drowned, so now replaced them with laruel bushes

31 May, 2011


They could have Cypress aphid

31 May, 2011

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