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Quick just curious Dog question

I have a few dogs around here belonging to my neighbours.
Even though they put bowls of water out they still prefer lapping water out of the top of uncle Stevies watering cans!! As you can see I have put a large bowl out and fill it with rainwater from the butt but they still prefer and go the cans after. This isnt a problem I'm glad they get some water when they need it, but occassionly one will try and lick water out of one of my trays and move something.

I am thinking maybe they like to stick thier snout in the top of the can or maybe its cooler?
So whats the best snout friendly way of giving them some water so they leave other stuff alone?



Cats are the same - you give them clean water to drink, rain water or otherwise, in their bowl, and do they drink it? Do they hell, they're outside licking water up from a muddy puddle, and on one memorable occasion, braced inside the loo drinking from that. I can't think what you can do really - dogs have a very strong sense of smell, so maybe whatever's in your watering cans just smells better to them.

1 Jun, 2011


dogs and perhaps cats im not sure actualy haveworse taste than us but are very sensetive to chlorine that we cant taste but they can . therealways going to prefer the taste of water thats stould a while for the chlorine to leech out .

1 Jun, 2011


You'd think, wouldn't you, Nosey - but water in their bowls, even if its stood there all day, was never touched - and sometimes it was actually rain water. Maybe they didn't like the bowls, lol, but I'm not serious - they had stainless steel, porcelain and plastic over the years, none of it made any difference.

1 Jun, 2011


well i must admit they definatly have different taastes just like us humans . i studdy my dogs lots just watching them intereact even if they losetghere temper but they do sort it out . the more we learn about nature there more inteligent than us sometimes . my springer actualy likesclean tap water andout the loo given the chance even with blue loo etc. itslucky he has a hard stomach , if you look at every part of nature every part of every animal is there for a reasen always . nothing is just an accident amazing. i mean why shouldntanimals be realy quit fussy ? i used to have a puffer fish that only let me feed it .sulkedif a crowd tried to watch and stuffed itself if i fed it .

2 Jun, 2011


my mum used to have an alsation thgat once in a blue moon would fancy an apple so stould bye the fruit bowl once every couple of months because it fancied an apple .wouldnt except one any other time honestly . i could tell you loads bamboo and thats just a couple of subjects on dogs,

2 Jun, 2011

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