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Clematis - root shade

Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

I bought 2 clematis today at Gardening Scotland, although I won't need to plant them in the garden until next year. I have planted them in a container together meantime. The other clematis in my garden have their roots shaded by other plants but I have used Sphagnum moss on top of the compost - is this enough or should I put some low growing plants in there?




I think it could be that the pot will get very hot,scottish,if it is in a sunny position..this would be the problem ,I think..also,the roots grow very long. Sorry if this seems negative,but mine suffered ,and I had a job to get it out of the pot.I planted it in the garden,and it is fine now..

4 Jun, 2011


Thanks for your comments Bloomer. They will only be in here for this year only. I have a new fence to build...I should get this done over the next few weeks...I intend to grow them over this. How long did you have yours in a pot? I could shade the pot with you think that would do the trick?

4 Jun, 2011


I think it was about two years,but they weren't doing well,that's why I moved them..that might help,Scottish,at least the roots would be shaded more,which they like..and lots of water too..good luck with your fence building. :o)

4 Jun, 2011


Scottish, when you move those clematis you will HAVE to plant them together and making sure that the entire rootball from that pot is planted INTACT and with no breaking up of that soil.
Clematis absolutely HATE root disturbance and will just die if you were to try and divide their roots apart.

And as Bloomer said, clematis roots are VERY long and wide, they'll be at least 12" long and possibly thee same wide.

I think that putting them in that pot will sadly be the end of them.

I would try and site them in the ground now and perhaps work around them as you're getting things sorted there.

5 Jun, 2011


You've made my mind up for me. I am on holiday next week from work, will get the 'stuff' delivered and start nails have only just recovered from the other 2 fences I have done since March....blast!!!!

Working round them would be neighbour has about 4 'large' shrubs that are dead and need to be removed, he will have to get at them from my side. I wouldn't trust him not to do any damage. On second thoughts...I will have to remove the shrubs myself now...double blast!!!!!!!!

Thanks Bloomer and Louise, there is no sarcasm in there, I promise :)))

5 Jun, 2011


No problem,Scottish..I know you didn't interpret it differently..sorry you have so much to do in your will be hard work for you..but worth it in the end..and your two new Clematis,will love you for it ..:o)

5 Jun, 2011


Work commenced earlier today...will post new pics when I get it finished at the weekend.
Thanks for your comments
Angie x

6 Jun, 2011


These big jobs seem daunting at first don't they but they're worth it in the end :-))

(Keep the nails cut very very short and minimise the damage - leather gloves too ..... i wear mens !!! )

7 Jun, 2011

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