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Growing Watsonias

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I brought some Watsonia corms back from Madeira last October and about a month later they were planted in a trough with ordinary garden soil and left in a usually sunny / heated south facing porch. They were watered occasionally
The shoots are now 60cms high and appear to be vigorous if a little bit spindly. What should i do now?!


On plant Watsonia



I'm trying watsonias too although most of them are not really hardy in the UK. I've planted them in full sun under the canopy of cotton lavender to give the corms protection through the winter.
You could try planting them in deep pots (the type clematis or hellebores are sold in) in spring and placing them outside later in the spring. As well as sun, they also need to be kept fairly moist in the growing season.
Good luck

4 Jan, 2009


Thank you Andrewr

4 Jan, 2009

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