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Hi Muddypaws, great name, welcome to GOY.
Dig them out by hand, kneeling on a mat.
Get the H G cat to help Lol.
Theres are lots of ways to get rid of your slugs, one of the favourites is putting orange peel on your beds.

18 Jan, 2009


Hi Muddypaws. I cannot find details of Salindine.. Do you mean Celandine? This is a Low growing Springtime flower with yellow Buttercup like flowers coming up from a tuber. If it is you should be able to fork it out quite easily. Have you a picture?

18 Jan, 2009


Just to stress what Dr.Bob says Muddypaws. Don't get a huge fork or spade to them. You have to try to get the whole of the tuber on each plant because if they break up and you don't get the lot then very soon...they are back. A hand fork might be slow but it is worth it.


18 Jan, 2009


Hi Doctorbob1 We have answered at the same time. I didn't see about Slugs. I believe in Beer traps, a good excuse to open a can.

18 Jan, 2009


Whoops Poa. We posted at the same time lol. Pretty sure Muddypaws means Celandine.

18 Jan, 2009


Hi Poaannua and John,
I guessed at Celandine, never heard of salindine and couldn't find it. I looked up Muddypaws profile and she mentioned her slugs there and her H G cat.
Yes great idea Poaannua, I'm making for the 4pack as we speak.
I've got some Old Peculiar,. very suitable so I've been told by her indoors. Lol.

18 Jan, 2009


SarraceniaC has got it right. You must get down and dirty with a hand weeding fork. But keep a small digging fork nearby 'cause some grow down deeper than a hand fork can reach - which reinforces SarraC's point that you must get all the bulbils out. Simply cutting off the green as I've witnessed in NT gardens is a waste of time that ultimately strengthens the plant. Though I should warn you now that you will not get them all out in one go, but if you do a good job you will see they have been 'hit hard'. Then you must keep at them in spring. During the high summer they will die down out of sight. But don't be fooled! A couple of springs should overcome the blighters.

18 Jan, 2009


hi, i find lifting the whole plant out before the flowers open means that most of the tubers stay firmly attached. later on they just seem too fragile and the tubers stay in the soil ready for next year. dont compost them as they can happily withstand the heat and when you spread the compost on your garden later they happily grow back.

13 Feb, 2009

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