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I have a "Gollum" jade and need to know the temperature requirements. When is it safe to put it outdoors?

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Plant is potted and about 26"high, appx 24-30" radius. Very sentimental. Had it in MI as a houseplant but since moved. I live in the high desert of Mojave in southern CA. When is it safe to put it outdoors?

On plant Crassula ovata



Why not take some cuttings from it and then you could experiment with them outdoors without risking the original plant. Cut off pieces about 3 inches long and remove the lower leaves, put it in a little jar of water and roots will grow, then pot it up. This plant will survive in an unheated greenhouse in UK (it got down to freezing this winter in mine and the plant is OK, although it would prefer slighly higher temp). However, it may not cope outside with the rest of the weather ie. dampness as it needs to be kept dry to survive

19 Jan, 2009

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