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Crocosmia, Lucifer.Corms

Newcastle Upon Tyne, , United Kingdom Gb

I bought some Lucifer last week and the instructions are to plant January to March, as there going into a pot, can anyone advise me when is the best time to Plant..



I'd leave it a bit longer, in case of more frost or very wet weather which might rot the corms. It will do them no harm to be planted in early spring, they will grow just as well.

Don't forget that Lucifer is a tall variety! They might need some support in a pot.

23 Jan, 2009


Thanks Spritz, I didnt know they were tall, thanks for that... Dee..

23 Jan, 2009


Mr Crocosmia would tell you Daisy.....he grows all his in pots.

23 Jan, 2009


Hi Dee, Crocosmia Lucifer is best grown from late february to early march, January is too early ( as indicated by Spritzhenry ), they don`t tolerate hard frosts, but damp weather doest bother them as they can be used a bog / pond side plant. Plant them in pots, as planting them directly to the ground will allow them to dominate an area. Ive grown Crocosmia`s succesfully in pots for many seasons, as long as you remember to divide them after 3 or 4 seasons you should be ok.

Have you got the `George Davidson` variety ? They are stunning !!

Hope this helps.....


25 Jan, 2009


Thanks Guys, I Knew you would help me out, Feburary/March it is then, there for my new tropical border and i love the bright red colour, i have loads of the common orange crocrosmia in my soon to be dug up front garden, thats why there going in a pot because there too invasive... I dont know what Variety they are Peedee, there in a packet i bought at Asda, i think :) ill have a look..
Thanks again,.. Dee

25 Jan, 2009


My Crocosmia grew huge last year, taller than me and I'm not a shortie! We inherited them with the house 5 years ago and are in a sunny corner of the garden, more and more come up every year. Last year the flowers were huge and the leaves were lush green. They die down in the winter then pop back up again early spring like green little swords emerging frm the ground. I haven't touched them since flowering, apart from getting rid of the dead foliage, I'm hoping they'll be back again this year but bigger than last year! I have a pic in my library on this site - take a look, they're pretty flowers and last for ages. When the flowers faded, some of the seed sprinkled out, so maybe this is how I'll get more this year.....I'll just have to wait and see. I don't give them any special treatment apart from a drop or two of water when it's hot and dry out there. Good luck with yours.

26 Jan, 2009


Ive had a look GF and there Gorgeous, Beautifull shade of Red, I love your Foxgloves too, Im going to plant some in my front garden this year, A first for me :) Thanks for all your help Guys...

26 Jan, 2009


Thanks Youngdaisydee. The foxgloves are soooo easy. Bought a couple from the garden centre and after they'd flowered I sprinkled the seeds over the ground and left them to do their thing - the front garden is now full of little seedlings. I was tempted to dig some up today and take round to the back garden but with all the pottering about I was doing I didn't get round to it -'ve guessed it - it started to rain....again!
They are quite prolific and I didn't do anything other than shake the seedheads - nature then took over and rewarded me with FREE PLANTS! Yippee! Love freebies!

26 Jan, 2009


Good to Know GF,you know, I learn something new every day on GOY.... Brill...

26 Jan, 2009

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