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Why no scent on my Lonicera?

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

This is Lonicera Mandarin for those who do not know it. I wonder why it is scentless?

On plant Lonicera




I'm no scientist but when plant breeders are going by looks alone, scent is often lost - look at the long stemmed florists roses. I was very attracted by the look of this but a Lonicera without scent is like a house without a chimney - will suit some people but not all.

10 Feb, 2009


Thanks, boggy, I was wondering what it looked like!

10 Feb, 2009


Some Lonicera are scentless. There's a gorgeous one called Dropmore Scarlet that looks a bit like your pic, but unfortunately it's one of the scentless ones! What a disappointment! grow something scented round the base ( Nicotiana or stocks ) and pretend!!

10 Feb, 2009


My Mandarin grows up a trellis with a huge winter flowering Daphne whch is very scented in front of it. Then in summer there is a big white Jasmine by it which is also strongly scented, so no problem there.

10 Feb, 2009

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