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Help! Advice on my pieris please!


By Gwendas

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

My pieris japonica 'mountain fire' is suffering a bit . It is a bit burned by frost and although it is alive it isn't 'thriving'. It's in a brick container with ericaceous soil. Do I just leave it to recover and see if it blooms in late spring or cut it back?



Hi Gwendas, I have never heard of anyone cutting back a pieris, only pruning to tidy it up. Our pieris were subject to minus 15C this winter and have not suffered.
Is your pieris in a particularly frosty part of your garden, if so could it be moved to a new location?

19 Feb, 2009


I'm not cutting anything back yet, Gwenda. I am waiting to see what gets new shoots and where, so that I know I'm cutting in the right place. It might flower still - leave it and see.

20 Feb, 2009


Thankyou for advice - I'll play the waiting game and hope it perks up. Would any feed help it?

20 Feb, 2009


I haven't got any Pieris, they like acid soil - but I normally feed shrubs after I prune them - to give them a 'boost', and as you know, most shrubs etc at this time of year as well, so why not?

20 Feb, 2009

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