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Acacia dealbata care tips?


By Liz757

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks to Majeekahead and tips about fleece I have now managed to get my Acacia through the winter, and it is starting to put out a few new shoots. It still looks very sad, though. What TLC could I use and would it be a good idea to re-plant it now as roots are starting to appear through the pot bottom and should I use totally ericacious soil. (I have just made compost and I'm dying to use it on something that might benefit!). Thanks for all tips in advance.

On plant Acacia dealbata



If you are in the South of the Country you shouldn't really need to wrap it in fleece, these trees will only die if the temperature is - 10 on a regular basis and have been known to survive lesser temperatures. It doesn't like to be hard pruned, but will withstand the odd trim of branches as the canopy becomes umbrella shaped on mature specimens and it is a BIG tree. The soil should be fertile and neutral to acidic, they will flower in the late Winter, early Spring and yours should really be covered in tiny little yellow buds or flowers. You will need to give it some water in long periods of drought and in colder areas it should be planted in a sheltered sunny position out of strong winds, in front of a South facing wall would be ideal

21 Feb, 2009


Dear Andrea Richter,
Thanks for your message. My acacia is only a very small plant, not yet a tree. It was shedding its leaves in December, so I moved it to a more sheltered spot. It is not yet covered in tiny little buds or flowers which is why I am worried about it. Do you think I should re-plant in a tub with all ecinacious soil. I dont have a good knowledge of "neutral to acidic".

Thanks for your help.


21 Feb, 2009


Where are you in the Country? North or South?
All trees, even evergreens shed their leaves at some point, but the difference is, is that evergreens do it slowly rather than in one season. If it is a small plant, it is likely that it will not produce flowers until it is a bit older and more established. Depending on where you live, plant it with a mixture of normal soil and ericaceous compost and some bonemeal, or if you put it in a pot, plant with John Innes No 3 and ericaceous compost. The tree will get huge so make sure you re-pot it every now and again when the roots outgrow the pot.

21 Feb, 2009


I am in the South. Fleet, in Hampshire. I will take your advice and re-pot it in John Innes No 3 and ericaceous compost and have more patience for the flowers! Thanks

23 Feb, 2009


You could plant it in the ground in Fleet, just be wary as this tree can get huge and is evergreen and will cause a lot of shade in a small garden

23 Feb, 2009


when can i prune my mimosa dealbata tree ?

8 Oct, 2009

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