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Does anybody know how close to plant Buxus sempervirens so they coallesce but indivivdual plants can still be identified. Not a hedge? Or is it all in the pruning?


By Gervase

United Kingdom

I would like to grow some Box plants so that they all merge in together and form a mass of undulations. Not individual plants as such, but but become one amorphous shape?



It is very important how you prune, and be patient.If you look in my photo's I will post a photo of a small box I grew from a cutting .It took at least 15 years for it to look as it does now.

1 Mar, 2009


I bought some small box plants last year and planted them about 6-9 inches apart. They are slow growing but they have filled out well.
I trim them about twice a year and they now look like a small hedge.
Search box or buxus and you should see them on my pics.

1 Mar, 2009

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