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Acid soils? Growing Hamamelis mollis

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I understand that this plant "does well in acid soils" and as my garden is alkaline and one that I planted out died, I've grown two in very large containers filled with Ericaceous Compost.

They flower sparsely each spring but grow very slowly and very straggly. They are due for a repot this year as the root balls almost fill the pots.

What am I doing wrong and what shall I do to improve things please

On plant Hamamelis mollis



They do better planted out Rick, which if you have alkaline soil is quite a problem, because as you say, they like acid conditions. The Witch hazel is a gorgeous plant but is probably not your best choice. However I would put them in as large a container as you can manage in ericaceous compost, feed with aricaceous food and make sure you don't over water. They hate wet feet, which is why they are best planted out in free draining soil. You could try mixing some grit in with your compost to aid drainage (make sure there is no lime with it so don't use builders' grit). Also, although full sun is not important, do make sure they are not in a windy spot. They don't like that either.


1 Mar, 2009

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