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Can anyone tell me when and how to plant galanthus nivalis Just received bulbs without planting instructions I am going to plant them in pots



You can plant now in almost any soil, however they do well in heavier moist soil. Plant in partial shade as the flowers will last longer. They need to be 8-10cm deep and approx 10cm apart.

They may not flower this spring, sometimes new bulbs take awhile to settle into the soil, so plant where they will not be disturbed.

13 Sep, 2011


Thanks for your reply Grannyb
Will ordinary multi purpose compost be ok ?

13 Sep, 2011


Jackson galanthus nivalis do much better in the ground than they do in pots... plant them under shrubs and the like so that they do not get full sun.

13 Sep, 2011


I'll say no more MG

13 Sep, 2011


I know

13 Sep, 2011


Next time you want some try to buy (or beg some) immediately after flowering when they still have the leaves - they take much less time to settle down like that. Its called buying "in the green"

13 Sep, 2011

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