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Horse Chestnut Scale??
I have found these 'deposits' on the trunk and branches of my Acer Palmatum today. I don't know how long this has gone unnoticed as the plant has very think dense foliage. I only noticed today as I had to manouvre myself underneath to paint the fence.
I think I have managed to identify as Horse Chestnut Scale. Has my detection been correct?
According to RHS I should have sprayed in July, so what action should I take now at this time of the year and what would be the recommended product.
If I am wrong - any other suggestions and treatment please.
I nicked the trunk with the hoe earlier in the year - would this have lead to this happening.
I would hate to lose this plant as I have had it for around 13 years. Thanks for all you help in advance.

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If its only on the woody parts and not on the leaves, and you can reach, get yourself a packet of disposable cloths and a bottle of methylated spirits - moisten a cloth with the spirit (just damp, not dripping) and rub over the affected areas, scraping off the scale as you go. It's just one of the scale insects. You'll need the whole packet of cloths probably - they get really mucky and unpleasant, so wear gloves. Otherwise you'll have to use the dreaded Provado, which is dangerous for bees. If the bark's too rough to do that, dip a cotton bud in the meths and apply to each scale.

13 Sep, 2011


Thank you Bamboo....I am of to B & Q right now. I can't see any on the leaves. It seems to be centralised on the top of the trunk and where the main branches come out.
It's going to be tricky as this shrub is like a waterfall - but I need to try something. Thank you xx

13 Sep, 2011


This particular form of scale has been rife this year - and it doesn't usually affect the leaves, just the woody parts.

13 Sep, 2011


A quicker and more effective way is to soak crepe bandages in methylated spirits, bandage the trunk covering all the aphids then cover all the bandage over with clingfoil. This method is much quicker to apply and will not damage any bark formation. In a week or so you can take the whole thing off, burn it and check for any you may have missed.

13 Sep, 2011


Wow that is really good advice Dr B!

13 Sep, 2011


Thanks DrB....I've got the meths and the cloths, I will see how easily that goes, if not I will get my hands on some crepe bandages tomorrow and try your method.

13 Sep, 2011


Just thought I'd give you an update. Affected branches and trunk have been cleared.
I chose your method Bamboo as it was going to be easier than trying to wrap it all in bandages. It all came of fine and so far noohing has reappeared.
However, I still have the bandages to hand just in case!
Thanks Bamboo and DrB :)

30 Sep, 2011


Should be fine now, but check it again in Spring next year.

1 Oct, 2011

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