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Is it worth useing ?

I have seen on the internet Frost Protection Fleece, how good is it ?



I throw it over my fuchsias when frost is threatened at this time of year because they are still in full bloom and I don't want to lose them now. It works fine as long as there isn't a very sharp frost.

I peg it to the occasional fuchsia branch and tuck the ends under a couple of pots at each end of the long line.

I hate doing it though because when you take it off in the morning it's all wet and yukky :-(

The temps are infuriating at the moment - around 0 for two nights then going back up to 13 at night. Grrrr......

9 Oct, 2011


I use the fleece to cover pots in the alpine house. I only use it when frost is threatend and I think that it could last for several days [or weeks :-(]. The benefits are that it does trap a little warm air and delays the pots from freezing for a few days. It also prevents frost forming on the foliage such as you will see outdoors. The downside is that it reduces the light available to the plants and allows moisture to build up under the fleece and on the plants. For this reason I delay using it as long as possible and then remove it as soon as I can.

9 Oct, 2011


We've used it on our apricot and olive trees when the temperatures plummeted last spring, when the blossom and the leaves were in danger, and on some maiden apple trees that were barely established, but don't leave it on too long. People here tend to use bubble wrap instead, as it lets more light in, but I have no idea how effective it is. Bulbaholic is right, I think - there would be more of a build-up of moisture under plastic, I expect, which is never a good thing.

9 Oct, 2011


I use mine more,for overwintering pots in the growhouse and shed..not tender varieties,as they come inside..also after I have given some plants in the garden a mulch,(usually hardy Fuchsias) ,I put a double layer around the root area...just as an extra precaution,as I still lost two last winter,which I forgot about..If you don't need a lot,you can buy it from the Garden centres off the roll..only about 60 or 70p a metre..or Wilkinsons,pound shops etc sell it as well..

9 Oct, 2011


We use it a lot here, since we usually only need to protect from a few degrees of frost. Heavier frosts may mean more drastic protection of frost tender plants.

9 Oct, 2011


Thanks folks, I do not intend to leave any tender plants outside just those that say protect from frost on the lable.

I have a large Salvia Hot Lips and some other bits which I know are not hardy so they will be overwintered in an unheated conservatory.

I have mulched all my hardy fuchias, young Clematis, Honeysuckle and anything else I can including my Heuchera's and Hosta's which I have moved to a sheltered South faceing corner of the garden.

As this is my first winter really growing anything and as most of my plants are in large containers I want to do all I can to protect them.

10 Oct, 2011


You seem to be doing ok,Chris..that sounds fine to me..fleece just gives you that bit more protection if its really bad..and as others have said,you can take it off, if it improves..It comes in handy in Spring anyway,for new growth,and cuttings,if we get a sudden late frost..happy gardening.! :o)

10 Oct, 2011

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