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does anyone make their christmas wreaths.if you do do you use moss and do you soak it before you add the greenery.



No I don't but yes you do have to soak the moss and bind/wire it all together. To be honest easier to get an oasis wreath and fill in. Oh and wear gloves!

13 Nov, 2011


I used to make wreaths years ago when my children were small. This started when we'd be shopping locally and the greengrocers - which sold Christmas trees - always seemed to be awash outside with bits of tree that had dropped off and my youngest collected them up saying they were 'Barbie trees.' Wanting to use them to some advantage for the sake of my daughters, I bent a wire coat hanger into a circle and bound the tree twigs onto it with green cotton, then found some small sprigs of holly with berries and bound them on, then hung on a few tree baubles so they stayed in the middle of the ring, and finished off with a red ribbon. Very effective and much commented on by neighbours. :p)

14 Nov, 2011


I do a few for friends and have done the moss one and you do need to soak and wire in .Yes need gloves.

But I so prefer the oasis wreath rings now.

And you can add your own foilage from garden etc .

Good luck and enjoy making.

14 Nov, 2011


I make a Bird wreath for an old neighbour to hang in her tree. I use berries like Pyracantha, wire small apples on to it and garland it with millet sprays.

15 Nov, 2011


thanks for your help.Where do you buy oasis wreaths.
I have lots of conifer trees,and a few holly ones so i wanted to give it a go.
the main reason being i put an expensive shop bought one on my mothers grave last year and someone pinched it!.

15 Nov, 2011


A florists or your Garden Centre

15 Nov, 2011

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