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Can nasturcians and fuchias grow happily together?

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently planted up some hanging baskets and the nasturcians and fuchia appear to be dying off whilst the petunias blossom.Anyone have any ideas?
They are hanging in a polytunnel



i grew fuchsias and petunias together last year no problem, nasturtiums i had on their own in a pot, they got covered in flipping little caterpillars, bit early for that though and if they're in a polytunnel......hopefully someone on here will know why. sorry can't be of more help!! (i love your screen name!!)

6 Apr, 2009


I'd be checking for pests right off, nasturtium and fuschia can get eaten up when starting to bloom by black fly. Petunias will be left alone. They can get infested quick in an enclosed place. (Nasturtium will give a better bloom unfed in poor soil, might perform better elsewhere.)

7 Apr, 2009

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