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Cabbage Palm tree help needed.
I am tending a very cold weather worn cabbage palm on which the palm leaves have all but withered and died with no sign of any new ones appearing.

Has anyone got any advice, please?



HOw long has it been in this condition? Since last winter? ONly its not really been cold enough this year for this to happen. If its still not producing anything from anywhere, not even at the base of the stem or from below ground, it's probably defunct or expired if its been the same since last winter. If its recent, that's a different matter.

22 Jan, 2012


Dear Bamboo,

Thanks - it has some new green leaves appearing on the trunk, but it has suffered these last two winters.

The main trunk and leaves are ok, it's the second large branch that looks bad - but even this has fresh growth appearing much lower down..

24 Jan, 2012


Okay, then wait till April or May and inspect it again. If there's still no growth at the top of the second branch, saw it off back to the point where there is growth, preferably at an angle to allow rain to run off. This assumes the branch isn't soggy or smelly currently - if it is, you'll need to saw it back now beyond that point.

25 Jan, 2012


Thank You.


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25 Jan, 2012



25 Jan, 2012

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