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Having carefully prepared a bed for asparagus three years ago,using plants grown from seed,I am dissapointed in the results.Very few are thick stemmed.
I have used plenty of stable manure and also wood ash and hoped time would improve things.
The first shoots are appearing and once again they are the thickness of a drinking straw.
Can anyone advize me ?



Your seed must have been for Asparagus foliage not for eating, buy Asparagus plants.

8 Apr, 2009


Thankyou Doctorbob,A very few of them were edible last year although the majority were very very thin. If they were meant to be for foliage only,would I have had any such results ? I can not remember what the actual seed packet would have explained.I did not intend to grow for foliage.

8 Apr, 2009


Asparagus is a slow growing plant and takes several years to 'bulk up' You should not be harvesting it yet at all! You especially shouldn't have harvested it in its first year - poor plants! They are trying to grow and bulk up, but if you keep cutting off the new stems, they cannot produce enough foliage to build up the rootstock. Be patient. Leave well alone for at least three years and even then, don't be greedy!

I don't think you have the foliage plant known as asparagus fern - it's little and if your plant has produced stems of pencil thinkness, Im sure you've got the eating sort there!

8 Apr, 2009


Thankyou Sid for your response.I am quite happy to wait a year or so.Also pleased that I do not have to start again .

8 Apr, 2009

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