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What tree has soft yellow fruits still on in January??

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Hi, We have inherited a Tree which gas dark nobbly/spurry stems which arch due to the weight of fruits still on them in January. Fruits are very adundant, round and about 1-1.5" diameter, yellow in colour (overripe are brown) and hang in clusters. They are falling off and some are turning brown, and very squishy - all over the driveway. Lichens appear to be growing on the branches. Do you have any idea what it might be please??
Thanks Carol



Might be Malus 'Golden Hornet' - birds tend to ignore the fruits on that. Google it to see

23 Jan, 2012


Thanks Bamboo,

it definitely looks like one of these, riddle sorted.

Thanks for all responses


23 Jan, 2012


You can make lovely jelly with those another year!

26 Jan, 2012


Sounds a great idea Steragram, don't suppose you have a recipe??

Thanks for your reply

27 Jan, 2012


You do it just as you would for blackberry jelly. Cut them in half and stew them in plain water until soft. (Not that you cut blackberries in half lol) Strain the liquid through muslin (or any other coarse material -even an old pillowcase might do if you cut it down). Its best to suspend it over a bowl overnight until it has finished dripping. Then add a pound of sugar to a pint of juice and boil to setting point (pm me if you don't know how to test it) If you are mean and try to squeeze all the liquid out manually you will get a cloudy jelly and if you are content with what trickles through on its own you should get a clear one.

27 Jan, 2012

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