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I'm thinking of planting a rowan tree specifically for its berries to attract wild birds to the garden. It will be situated towards one corner and I am to restrict the height to no more than 15 feet.
Can anyone verify that Cardinal Royal is popular with birds? I think the shape is better for where I intend to plant. Should I stick to the tried and trusted UK native variety - wildlife value is the most important criterion.



According to Ashridge Trees, this cultivar of Sorbus is even more popular with birds because it produces a heavy crop of berries. I take that to mean birds like the berries...

9 Feb, 2012


yes it is a good cropper. I have a native rowan and its form is very light and airy. so shade cast isnt a problem with it.

9 Feb, 2012


A mature one can well exceed 15 feet though

9 Feb, 2012


Cotoneaster x watereri 'Cornubia' will be good with its many white flowers in summer and abundance of red berries in winter. Sorbus aucuparia and its many varieties, whilst it has good winter interest will, as already suggested, can reach up to 30 feet. The hawthorn has a good selection of different coloured flowers and the fruits are one of the first to be eaten in early winter. My favourite would be Amelanchier canadensis, smothered with white flowers in springtime, followed by purple berries and good autumn coloured foliage. The only problem is that the fruits are eaten almost as soon as they are formed in the summer often by the greedy woodpigeons.

10 Feb, 2012


Thanks to everyone who responded.
I think I am going to go for the native rowan in half standard form and try and manage the height and spread.
Following up on your alternatives Jimmy, I spotted a very nice Sorbus "Autumn Spire" which only grows to 13 feet and has orange/yellow berries; I might have one of those in due course for nearer the house.

12 Feb, 2012

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