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water lily and koi carp

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ive been given 2 water lilies for my pond on the packaging it states not suitable for koi carp,is this true

On plant Nymphaea



Its to do with the way some koi keepers have the water flowing. Lilys prefer slow or still water. We had koi in our pond for about 4yrs as well as water lilies with a slow flow of water. we sold the koi coz they were eating us out of house and home.
hope this helps and welcome to GoY

12 Apr, 2009


I have a pond with 14 Koi carp, and I would not reccomend planing a lily, unless you can keep the fish away from it. I have tried many times to have a lily in my pond but the fish eat it within a week, You could try putting a wire mesh around it to stop the fish getting to it.
Mosy plants I put in my pond the fish eat. so I have placed a piece of plastic coated mesh across the corner of the pond and placed all the plants behind it. Now the fish cannot get to the plants and the plants are doing realy well.

12 Apr, 2009


Giving a Koi a water lily is like giving me a box of chocolates - irrisistable! We have Koi and water lilies and every time a new leaf forms they munch away on it like it's their box of choccies.

13 Apr, 2009

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