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I have this area at the bottom of my garden that i'm still trying to work out what to do with it its covered in weeds and i find bending difficult due to Menieres can i put weedkiller on it, bearing in mind the plum tree is there?




If you do, be careful you don't get it on your lovely shrubs, Skilla, or you will lose them.

I reckon you could use a weedkiller that dilutes in a can with a fine rose and carefully water the weeds. Do it on a completely still day, though.

Make sure you wash and wash and wash the can out afterwards (I keep a red can with WK painted in black letters just for weedkilling).

13 Apr, 2009


Thanks Spritz i have an old can i use for WK too, was just a bit worried about plum tree, but hopefully its roots will go deep enough for it not to affect it! Thanks for reply

13 Apr, 2009


most weedkillers wont harm the woody shrubs unless you water the leaves with it. The trunk of the tree will be fine even if you do splash it.

13 Apr, 2009


thanks Seaburngirl will put weedkiller on tomorrow if weather suitable,

13 Apr, 2009

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