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Please could you suggest some small shrubs for a north facing, shady border? Scented ones would be ideal. Our soil is alkaline and quite heavy clay.



winter sweet [sarcocca I thnk is its proper name , may be wrong] is an evergreen smallish shrub and would probably be fine. euynomous the white /green one does ok in my very shady border so will probably be fine too. so would false laure, acuba though that will need pruning t keep it small.

i'm sure you will get other suggestions too.

6 Mar, 2012


Thank you so much for your ideas. We shall head off to the garden centre soon and look at them. I think winter sweet sounds ideal.

6 Mar, 2012


Mahonia flowers in winter with scented yellow flowers and will be happy on shaded clay. The gold variegated euonymus will also brighten up your corner.

6 Mar, 2012


Sarcococca is a good one,skimmia another and fatsia a good architectural evergreen although again it would need pruning.Depending on how deep the shade is you could look at varieties of rhododendron,hydrangea or camellia.

6 Mar, 2012


If, as you say, your soil is alkaline, rhododendron and Camellia will not do well there. If you want a Mahonia, choose M. aquifolium 'Smaragd' - evergreen, with yellow mimosa like flowers, only reaches about 4 feet.

7 Mar, 2012


Thank you for taking time and trouble to give me lots of lovely ideas about my shady border shrubs. I have made a note of all the suggestions and shall enjoying looking out for them at the nursery and garden centre.

Thanks also for really kind comments about some of my photos.

7 Mar, 2012

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