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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

I was thinking in changing myherb raised bed an area to grow soft fruit.

Like a Blackberrie bush,Raspberry and blueberrie

Whats your thoughts in this ?



I think it would depend on the size of the bed, SK. Blueberry bushes are not too big. Raspberry canes can take up a bit of space, though, because they need support and tying in. Is it blackberry (bramble) or blackcurrant you would like to have?
You are certainly in the right area for growing these!

10 Mar, 2012


Yes Bramble Wilma not blackcurrant

Came across this site .

Not used them before ,has anyone.

I have an another border behind one of my greenhouse that I could turn in to a herb bed.

Or have pots of herbs.

And make my raised bed into soft fruits.

10 Mar, 2012


How big is your raised bed Scotkat that is going to be the deciding factor. Raspberry canes take up a lot of space.

10 Mar, 2012


Approx 8ft by 2ft MG its behind one of my greenhouses.

10 Mar, 2012


Blackberries take up a lot of space too and need a big framework to support the briars which can easily grow to 10 feet long in a season. Blueberries need an ericaceous soil. Raspberries would take up the whole space you have, so it looks as though you are going to have to choose.

In an area that size I would tend to favour currants or gooseberries, both of which are well behaved spacewise.

10 Mar, 2012


Agree with Steragram you need bushes rather than cane fruit which requires more space. So gooseberries, black currents and, of course, strawberries!

10 Mar, 2012


I love blueberries and brambles though or put some in my raised bed and rest in the community garden

10 Mar, 2012


MG got plenty strawberries.

Many thanks all

10 Mar, 2012


Brambles will need serious controlling... the can that have fruited, like rasps. need to be cut out every year... It is a very small patch for fruit Scotkat

10 Mar, 2012


Even thornless MG

10 Mar, 2012


Even thornless Scotkat, basically they are thugs.

11 Mar, 2012


Thank you MG I will fill it with blueberrie bushes instead.

As can always go and pick my own rasp.

Or Raspberry in deep pots

11 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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