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Split anthurium?

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About two years ago I bought my mum and dad a small anthurium from M&S for their anniversary. Back then, it was in a small pot and had one or two leaves and flowers.... very cute!

However, over the two years it grew extremely fast and is now is the largest plant pot I can find for it... and is still growing!! It's that big, we've named him Jacob!!

He still flowers every year and new leaves and stems still appear but I fear it's time to do something about our new pet!! It's been suggested to me to split him but I'm a complete dunce around plants and i'm frieghtened of doing something that will damage Jacob! I do try to pull off any leaves and stems that are dying off to make a little more room but for everyone I pull off another 10 seem to grow in it's place lol!!! And, I think the size of the leaves are gradually getting bigger!!!

Please please, if there is anyone that could possibly help me and suggest what I could do with Jacob i'd be very grateful!! He is a wonderful pet plant and it would be a shame to just leave him as he is... Someone told me over the weekend that we could possibly split him into 10 separate plants (maybe I should beome a breeder ha ha!!) but I say i'm just a bit worried about damaging him!!

All suggestions welcome!!

Please note, the picture is not Jacob... just what he (or is supposed) to look like!!!

Many Thanks


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My understanding is you don't split as such... you un-pot and look to see if there are any off-shoots or ariel roots. Plants that are attached to the main stem but can easily be remove and still have a complete root foliage system aka “babies”. Remove them from the main stem and pot them in the same kind of soil as the parent plant. Care for them the same as the parent plant. Hey presto more plants instantly... Remember to water well to start with - good luck!

15 Apr, 2009


i know what you mean about the size i have one too. it is now in a pot meant for the garden. it due to be potted again so definatly wont fit on the windowsill anymore. sorry no help but will be watching and pinching the tips lol

15 Apr, 2009


Nstressful, pinch out the tips is unlikely to help

15 Apr, 2009


i ment pinching the tips off here, wouldnt know how to pinch tips on a plant. hehe

16 Apr, 2009

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