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Bought a Pennisetum last year from GW at NEC,I knew it wouldn't survive the winter, (it was a black grass type thing) so I took some seeds off the little feathers.just found them in the shed........ now then, what do I do with them? Never realy done the seed thing before because I have no room for a greenhouse,but would realy like to try a few as they look lovely in a mixed boarder,anybody help?



Go for it and broadcast a few pinches in some pots or trays ... sow as thinly as you can. See what happens?! As far as I am aware it is an annual in this climate.

1 Apr, 2012


Done just that Avq 'cause NO-ONE answered my question (:o))))) thank YOU.

2 Apr, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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