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sweet potatoes? I am interested in growing them as I am interested in eating them. I have looked at the seed catalogues that sell "slips", and have heard of "seed" potatoes for sweet potatoes. I don`t know where to start, or when. I have tried immersing the tip of a tuber in water to grow my own slips but all I grew was mould! Can you advise?



First, find the bottom end of the sweet potato. Usually, the end with the larger and woodier cut is the top end.
Next, wash the potato well, but be careful not to scrape off too much skin.
Immerse the bottom half in clean water, and change it every few days. A few chips of horticultural charcoal in the bottom of the container will help keep the water sweet.
Put it in a warm, sunny window.
If the tuber is still alive--i.e., not treated to prevent sprouting--it should start sprouting around the waterline in 1-3 weeks.

31 Mar, 2012


Thanks, I`ll try from an organic one from a local market.

31 Mar, 2012


That's your best bet!

31 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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