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i have a hosta in a 15 inch pot,it has about an inch of growth coming through.Could i split the plant to make 2 or more plants or would it die?.I also have a lobielia queen victoria in a large pot which i would like to divide to make more plants,would it be ok to do so?



I propagate lots of hostas on my plant nursery and now is the ideal time to divide them. I did my first 100 this morning .

I divide mine so that each division has one bud but you may want to have more buds than that in each division. So long as they have some root they are virtually certain to survive. I use an old bread knife to divide them but any sharp knife will do or if it's a big clump you can use a spade.

31 Mar, 2012


Thanks Anchorman,do you think four plants out of the 15inch pot sounds ok?

31 Mar, 2012


I don't think you can split lobelia but it does well from seed.

31 Mar, 2012


If the 15 inch pot is full then splitting it 4 ways should be fine.

For your own use I'd suggest 4 -6 buds per division

31 Mar, 2012


Yes you can spit the lobellia, did ine today, only 6 plants though not in the same league as anchoran :o)

there will be separate 'clumps' in the lobelia either splits so there is one 'clump' or 2 or 3 depends how many plants you want in total. again use a knife to cut through.

31 Mar, 2012


Thanks for the advice anchorman,moon growe and seaburn girl,i will be able to have a go at spliting them as soon as the SNOW GOES!!!

3 Apr, 2012


Should go tomorrow Zoostrel...

3 Apr, 2012

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