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just purchased two grape green one question is they are covered in like waxy i leave it on.also how long before we see any fruit.we are willing to wait.



Leave the waxy stuff on. When the grapes break buds they will come through the wax. It is just there to protect the plants during transport and to help prevent dehydration.

I'm not sure, but it might take a few years before you see any fruit. Mine are 4 years old and only just had a few bunches of grapes last summer.

22 Apr, 2009


hi. gilli is right , but if you want a lot of growth this year feed them when you water, tie in a leader up a pole or across a mess net , mine on my allotment were taken from cuttings last year they are now 6 ft tall and i expect to get grapes from them this year, they are growing on my allotment, and they are both black and white.
ps i will add a photo later when the grapes come.

23 Apr, 2009

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