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Ageing privet hedge

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Hi all.
I've an ageing privet that's sparse at the base and unsightly. Can anyone recommend a shrub that would take and dominate the ground area to cover 2 feet high.
The privet is 14m long and runs exactly north to south so plenty of sun.
unfortunately ripping it up is not an option



You could cut it right down though to get it to regenerate - if you can stand not having a hedge as such while it does.

12 Apr, 2012


You could try training ivy through the base- take a while but provide an evergreen solution.

13 Apr, 2012


Yes my privet hedge is interlaced (that sounds pretty) with ivy which has self grown. It makes a very dense hedge and the birds love it. It is a bit of a thug and doesn't take too long to grow. We just clip it along with the hedge every few months.

13 Apr, 2012


I'm really liking the idea of Ivy, more invasive the better! can anyone recommend a fast growing variety that flowers? and how many plants would I need for a 20 metre hedge?

13 Apr, 2012


Hi, just noticed that no-one has answered your last question, for a hedge 20 metres, I would use 19 plants, starting half a metre in from 1 end, and 1 every metre,
it may not look much to start with, but believe me, it will very soon fill up. Derekm.

20 Apr, 2012

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