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Sweet peas- how to make a support with wires


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

I have been looking all over the web but I just can't find an answer for this simple question.

I wan to make a support for my sweet peas by attaching heavy duty wire horizontally between bamboo canes which are in a row of 'wigwam's'. How do I attach the wire to the canes?

Also, is it more common/better to grow just using canes as a support or to add wires as well.

Thanks for any help!



Why not wind it round each cane a couple of turns then on to the next cane? Just above a 'nobble' would stop the wire from slipping down.

I used canes only in a wigwam and tied the stems on with string until they started to climb - now I have an obelisk...I never found the need to use wire as well.

22 Apr, 2009


Thanks. I thought you might have to attach it by sort of drilling through the bamboo or something.

I am still planting out some as I went on holiday at easter, will these still flower?

Also, what is the minimum spacing between plants and do the bamboo sticks go thick end in the ground or thin end in the ground?

22 Apr, 2009


thick end in the ground for your canes. I space mine about 6" apart but add plenty of compost/mulch to feed them.

22 Apr, 2009


Your sweet peas will be fine - they may be a little late flowering, but then they'll go on later, to make up for it!

I reckon on 3 plants per cane.

22 Apr, 2009


Thanks everyone :D

22 Apr, 2009


If you were going to do this every year, lgc sell these rubber tops which have 8 holes in them. You just push each cane into each hole, and viola! You have a wigwam! I bought a pink one for my dd's sweet peas!

23 Apr, 2009


Or, even simpler, invert a plastic plant pot over the cane ends, with the canes protruding slightly through the drainage holes. The pot will wedge itslef firm, and the canes get drawn in together securely, and help make that wigwam shape. Free, and easy! :-)

26 Apr, 2009


Thanks David, that is even better! Thanks! Will do that with my peas!

26 Apr, 2009

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