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My palms are turning straw like after being green when they arrived .in a tiny pot .i re potted in large pot.any idea what to do ..George x



What palm (indoor or out?) Palms like Canary Palm need poor fast draining soil. If you used potting compost around them then that is too rich as too moisture retaining. Do not use any feed as they do not need it.

7 May, 2012


I'd echo Kildermorie's question - what variety of palm are they and where are they, indoors or out?

7 May, 2012


Thanks to kildermori & bamboo. My plant is a phEonix canariensis palm .i have left the plant as it is .now i need to do something .its turning More straw like ,, x

10 May, 2012


Phoenix Palm is half hardy in the UK. It needs well drained soil - really sandy soil, not clay. I think it is getting too wet and too cold. Is yours in the ground or in a pot? It is is just the outside fronds then that is part of the growth process, is the new leafs emerging in the middle green?

10 May, 2012


the other thing about palms is, they prefer to be slightly rootbound in a pot, so if you transplanted to much larger pots, that won't be helping. A pot just big enough would be best.
I don't, though, think the symptoms they're displaying are to do with the size of pot - much more likely to be cold.

11 May, 2012

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