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By Aspcn

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

hi for the last couple of years the veg seeds that i have tilled have come up ok but then they either grow really slow or dont grow at all, any advice vwould be appreciated



A bit more information would be useful!

For example; what type of seeds have you been growing and what do you mean by ' tilling'?

I get the impression you mean 'sowing' as tilling appertains to digging.

Although, knowing how you prepared your beds, might help us to ascertain why your stuff is growing in the manner it does.

Plus what part of the UK are you in?

Sorry for asking all these questions but I'm afraid it is impossible to help you without such information.

We look forward to your reply...Tg

7 May, 2012


And once the seeds have germinated and started to grow how are you watering them?

7 May, 2012


If they are being started in a soiless mix, is it fresh, or reused? If the latter, are you feeding the young seedlings lightly?

7 May, 2012

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