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can i save a plant after spraying weed killer on it


By Rockyt

United Kingdom Gb

the tree is called acer, sprayed weed killer on it by mistake



it depends on the active ingredient in the weedkiller, what does the bottle say? and did it get on the leaves or woody parts

29 Apr, 2009


Dont be too hasty throwing or digging up your tree. Plants are quite ressiliant and tough. I have an Acer that last year suffered from flooding and died.

Well it's trying its best to grow again. Obviously only part of it died back, so I am left with a small trunk and a new shoot.

Give things a chance before writing them off.

29 Apr, 2009


Personally, I would try to remove the soil that might have the weedkiller on it and replace with fresh compost. Also, I would try spraying the plant with plain water to try and wash it off. Call me paranoid but I'd hate to lose an acer if I was lucky enough to have one!

29 Apr, 2009


Good idea craftnutter.

29 Apr, 2009

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