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Could anyone id this gorgeous large blue shrub for me please? and any tips on cuttings? thanks all! :o)




One of the Ceanothus shrubs. There are a lot of them in various shades of blue and white.

20 May, 2012


some flower in autumn, some are deciduous, this one is evergreen. Could be one of several cultivars that flower at this time of year - hard to tell whether those flowers are powder blue or dark blue from the photo, but they look paleish blue, so might be C. 'Cascade'. Alternatively, C. concha or 'Trewithin Blue'

20 May, 2012


It is a ceanothus...You can take cuttings Leigh, but I don't find that they take readily. You would take the cuttings in late Summer early Autumn.

Here we go..No harm trying, this link may help.

20 May, 2012


thanks guys! ooh Pimp, sounds more complicated than i thought lol, will get some of this hormone stuff and give it a go maybe in a few years it might have grown a bit! haha! :o)

20 May, 2012

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