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Do i put bark chippings on freshly weeded and turned soil first then plant my plants or plants first? thank yooz! :)



I would lightly firm your soil then you need to buy some landscaping material and lay it and peg it first. Then cut out crosses in the material, pull back and plant using some slow-release or bonemeal fertiliser. Fold back material, then spread your chippings.

23 May, 2012


What I do if I have plants aready in the ground or like you just about to plant , put empty pots over the plants or a bucket put the bark chip down then take the pots/bucket off .

Its so easy and makes a hard job so much fun

Makesure you water realy well afterwards, downside to bark the slugs and snails treat it like a hoilday resort.


23 May, 2012


I do plants first and use the bark as a mulch around them.

23 May, 2012


Gawd blimey, I'm just imagining faffing about trying not to get bark chips in the hole I've just dug for my plant. Be like having the carpet laid before you've painted the walls! No, no, dig, weed, clear, level, decide where you want your plants, dig the holes, plant them, water well, then bark chips is the last thing you do. Membrane makes it more difficult and complicated - if you change your mind later and want to move a plant, you've got to locate the membrane under the soil or chips, then cut a new hole in it, not worth it, far too much trouble I reckon. Make sure the bark chips are 2 inches deep to help suppress weeds, and remember, some weeds will grow actually in and on the bark chips.

23 May, 2012


Thanks jimmyt. but i didnt realize you really had to do all the black plastic stuff im assuming? that sound like a lot of work and money! Yes G.G and Kild. i thought that would be best just thought id check! thats a great idea about the pots! id just be throwing it everywhere! oh i thought the slugs would have hated it! slug pellets or sand? bamboo im glad not everyone does the plastic thing! 2nd job then tomorrow after cutting grass! thanks everyone! :o)

23 May, 2012


Leighleigh, its not plastic, the membrane. Its a geotextile sold as 'weed suppressant', usually on a roll, and its like fabric. It lets water and air through, but stops things coming up. Very useful for gravelled or chipped areas where you don't want anything to grow through, irritating on garden borders. Plastic would hold water and things will be floating ...

24 May, 2012


I knew that hehe! i think i was thinking of pond liner! we have some of the material stuff under the stones down the side of the path. :o)

24 May, 2012

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