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Hi ladies
i have just bought a kashima acer, does anyone know if they prefer ericaeous soil please



I found this on the internet if it helps patti?'

Any non alkaline soil. Correct light more important

Sun or partial shade'

26 May, 2012


There are men on this site as well - don't leave them out!!

26 May, 2012


i was going to suggest Patti that you have a look at Bampy and Stevie the terrible's photos ~ they both have acers but I cant remember their names. But they both know about acers!

26 May, 2012


thankyou stickitoffee for your help, i am so sorry cammomile, didnt mean any offence, just didnt think, thats me all over lol

29 May, 2012


i see you live in the same county as me!!!

29 May, 2012


hi stickitoffee, i love your name by the way, thats nice too know that you live in the same county, as at least i will be able to ask someone who is in same weather conditions when it comes to the plants, i am a bit of a novice

31 May, 2012


i dont know very much patti but there are lots of people on here who do!!!

Bornagain lives near Walsall, Stroller and Daylily are not far away either, Meadowland lives in Gloucestershire and Treetop lives not far from Bournville [i think]

if you look at some of the other gardens you will soon see if anyone has a similar one to yours and im sure they will help too!!

i like puddings and cakes patti, thats why i chose that name ~ naughty but nice!!!

31 May, 2012

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