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What type of Sorbus? Hi, I posted a photo of this little tree a week or so ago but nobody positively identified it. I can now see it is almost certainly a Sorbus, but doesn't match any of the pics I've looked at. In particular it has distinctive red stems for 'green' wood, and serrated leaf edges. Sorbus americana is the closest I've found. Anybody any further thoughts? It's a pretty little tree whatever it is. (Came from mixed bag of seeds)

Sorbus2 Sorbus1



Hi Bertie,I wanted a sorbus and asked "what sort for my small garden" and was told to google sorbus and was amazed at all the information I could see(being new to the internet).......but I'm sure you have tried that (:0)

27 May, 2012


Yes, Poppylinda, it is very frustrating. I have managed to find an absolute perfect match for my Sorbus on line (somebody who has posted a photo on Flickr!) but it is simply listed as 'unknown Sorbus', like mine!
The nearest I have found via Google is one that grows in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada at 6000 ft!
I think it might also be the Scarlet Rowan. Whatever it is, it is a beautiful little tree and I will be nurturing it with care to see what the fruit are like when it eventually flowers.

27 May, 2012


If its froma seed Bertie maybe you have a new cross? Could be exciting

27 May, 2012


Thanks for that, Pamg! I shall now describe it to all our visitors as a new hybrid variety of Sorbus or rowan! As you say, it's very exciting when you get something even a little bit different from seed!
I'm currently growing on the result of my crosses between a Hibiscus rosa-chinensis and an hibiscus manihot (or more properly Abelmoschus manihot). I expect all of them will simply come up as the bog standard large yellow flowered types, but if just ONE is different, I shall be delighted!

27 May, 2012


I enjoy growing from seed myself so I'll look forwards too seeing what turns up!

27 May, 2012

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