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Large container needing drainage holes? Plus what plants?

Oxon, United Kingdom Gb

I have finally got hold of an old galvanised bath that I want to use as a planter. It is 1200L x 47W x 33H. Can anyone tell me do I definately need drainage holes or is there some other way to stop it becoming waterlogged? Also want to get the planting right. Are there any books or web sites showing large troughs etc planted up. It is for a cottage courtyard. Just want to get it right! Thanks



hi mickledaisy,
well you have got one drainage hole for a start. instead of being horizontal, if the bath was tilted slightly all excess water would run out of the plug hole. i would put crocks there.
as for a planting plan, how about using alpines or if you want to get it perfect why not approach your local garden centre for ideas if we fail to come up with anything.
remember a bath is not very big.
ps. want another?

3 May, 2009


think you will have to drill some holes and perhaps put some grit in the bottom too. assuming your courtyard is warm and sheltered, how about a mixture of evergreen shrubs such as rosemary or lavender, small perenials and underplanted with bulbs for spring. lots of trailing bedding for summer and pelagoniums which will flower to the first frosts

3 May, 2009


How about a herb garden? A pretty thyme, rosemary, variagated sage, curry plant, lots of lovely basil, chives or garlic chives (pretty flowers), a mint (apple, peppermint etc), sow some coriander. The list is endless, the aroma wonderful and great for bees etc.

3 May, 2009


Hi Mickledaisy,
Galvanise is poisonous to plants, the only way to use the bath is to line it with thick polythene, it will need holes drilled in it for drainage as any I have seen have no plughole. Put in plenty of crock/ broken brick. As above there is an endless choice of plants for your requirements.

3 May, 2009


im surprised by that doctorbob considering the amount of galvanised plant containers on the market and the use of traditional galvanised watering cans.

anyway mickledaisy, if you go to this site

someone has planted up an old galvanised wheelbarrow with alpines and you may find some other ideas

3 May, 2009


Many galvanised containers are purpose made for horticultural use made of galvanised steel against old fashioned galvanised tin. I have damaged grass areas with galvanised chicken wire also with old galvanised water pipes as supports for standard roses, but as said if you line it the bath should be safe.

3 May, 2009

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